This then is a book…

For many years a poster hung on my office wall, a quote attributed to Emily Dickinson. “This then is a book, and there are more of them.”  For me that pretty much summed it up–books, books to read, books to write, books to edit. A life of books. It’s what I dreamed of as a child, sitting in the apple tree with Tom Sawyer, or buried under the covers with Jane Eyre. I have been fortunate to have edited so many books I’ve lost count. To have read a great number of books. To have written a few. To have been present at the birth of many. The books in the header picture are from one of the bookshelves in my dining room. (I have them in pretty much every room in my house.) These are beloved, and some quite dogeared, poetry books.

girl reading

Photograph by Evelyn Brokering


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