Famous Women Writing Their Own Stories, Or 25 Little Lessons on Writing

I can’t tell you how much I love this collection of quotes/article. I thought of copying some of them whole, right into this blog. I also thought of copying some of them on my old-fashioned notecards–yes, 3″x5″ written in lovely blue pen–and hanging them on my office wall. They are that strong. That moving. That inspirational.

Check it out:


These weren’t written as writing assignments. But they could be!

Like this:

Nora Ephron: “In the way I grew up, we knew that you might write about almost anything if you could just find a way to tell the story — that was what we believed in our house, that was religion in our house. Everything was copy.” —Time, November 2010

What’s some copy in your life? Find a way to tell the story so it makes you (and subsequently your readers) laugh or cry and want to go on.

Or this:

Maxine Hong Kingston: What is universal? There could be some peculiarity that you have in your self, but if you can make it an art, make it part of a story, then when another person reads it, it becomes part of his or her life. And so one’s odd self and ideas become part of the human universal story.” -—“Interview with Maxine Hong Kingston,” July 1996

What is so peculiar in your story that it becomes universal when you tell it a certain way?

Write on!


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