A First-Time Novelist on a Long, Long Road


What can I add? is this a cautionary tale? An inspiration? If I had a dollar (or even a nickel) for every time somebody has told me in the last forty years that if I wrote a little bit everyday on a project I would have a finished manuscripts. I’ve never exactly been able to follow this advice, at least consistently. That said, I have written everyday and finished manuscripts. And it’s advice I give and endorse.

And while not everyone who wants to write is going to go to graduate school, we can all find someone–a consultant, an editor, a writing group–to give feedback. Maybe tell us where they get kicked out of our stories. Or who, that is which characters, they might want to hear more from or about. Or another book to read to inspire us through the slog.

What can I add? Write, write, write.


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