One Writer’s Grand Gesture

When Nomi Eve’s second book was published she decided she’d do all she could to make sure the book reached as many readers as possible. Read how here. She called it her grand gesture. And she was indefatigable in meeting her goal of meeting with 100 book clubs who were reading her book. That she did it is inspiring I think–sticking with it. Doing that one thing. I recently was on a panel with another novelist, Martha Conway, author of Thieving Forest. (Visit her here.) Her advice to writers about marketing was pretty much the same: pick one or two things and do it (them) consistently–Facebook or some other social media, your own blog. Whatever it is, start early and keep at it regularly. But DO NOT spend all your time at it.

You’re a writer. You’re a writer who wants readers to discover your books. Figure out what you can do to make that happen.


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