About Jan Johnson Drantell


In 2000, I cofounded RedWheel/Weiser, publishing books under the imprints Weiser Books, Conari Press, Disinformation Books, Hampton Roads Publishing, and Turning Stone Press. I am currently publisher emerita at Red Wheel/Weiser.

I’ve worked in publishing for more than forty years, editing and acquiring primarily non‐fiction books, including memoirs, self‐help, alternative spirituality, and more. I’ve worked with such bestselling authors as Julia Cameron, Anne Wilson Schaef, Mark Nepo, John Robbins, among others. Recently I spearheaded a cooperative publishing arrangement with the New York Open Center. I also founded the curated, author‐driven imprint Turning Stone Press.

Prior to becoming publisher at Red Wheel/Weiser Books, I was the editorial director at Tuttle Publishing in Boston. Earlier I held those same positions at HarperOne (then HarperSanFrancisco) and Winston Seabury Press. In the past, I’ve also done freelance editing for Bantam Books, Ballantine, and Tarcher, among others. Under the name Jan Johnson Drantell I have published poetry, short fiction, two adult books, and several children’s books. I am currently working with a few writers to develop book projects and launching a series of middle grade biographies, Heroes Who Changed History.

I live in Marin County, California, and can be reached at jandrantell@gmail.com.


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