Beating the Bushes for Readers

I came across this post quite a while ago. It’s on Jane Friedman’s site, and it’s a guest post by Angela Ackerman. It’s one of the best marketing essays–or lesson, or maybe blueprint–I’ve seen in a good long time. Read the post here. 

In fact there’s so much good information here and on Jane Friedman’s site and on Angela Ackerman’s  One Stop for Writers and her main website that I can’t say a lot more. Except check them out. Put them in your quiver for when you have specific questions or need inspiration. You could do worse!


Don’t Just Take My Word For It–Another Great Reading List

So I learned a few things when I stumbled across this list, I think posted by someone on Facebook, or maybe in one of the publishing newsletters I get, or maybe forwarded by a friend. I knew about BuzzFeed. Various quotes and quizzes pop up in my FB feed. But I had no idea there was something called BuzzFeed books. You can subscribe to it. Learned that! I haven’t yet subscribed, but maybe some of all of us will find out what it’s all about in the next few days. Here I thought Lincoln Thompson drew up this wonderful eclectic list of old and new books himself. I wanted to invite him to a dinner party with a bunch of bookish friends.

And wow! The other thing I learned–again–is that there are great old(er) books–call them classics out there to read or reread. And great new books. Books and authors I hadn’t ever heard of until I saw this list. When I’m next looking for something new and different to read I’m going to pull this list out and buy some books.